Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå

One of the most difficult experiences that a human being can have is losing a beloved one. We will all go through that, but it is in these situations you need help and support during these difficult times, and this is where our role comes in.

We are a funeral agency that have experience and is always looking for the little extra to relieve the relatives in the difficult times. We take literally care of everything from A-O. When a person dies, we contact the respective authority and arrange all the necessary documents required to be able to proceed in the process.

We do help you to get funeral economic support from the municipality for the funeral if you do not have money to pay yourself. We arrange the coffin, the tombstone, wash the dead, perform the prayer and bury the dead in accordance with the laws of Islam. We make sure that the grave is in order, and we can arrange flowers if desired. Last but not least, we will of course support the relatives who have lost their loved one with psychological support.



We help you wherever you are in Sweden. So do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any thoughts and want to know more, we are more than happy to help!

We look forward to a continued contact with you!