Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå

Yes, we literally arrange everything. So you as a customer and relative of the deceased never have to worry about anything.

Our goal is always to try to get a funeral as soon as possible, preferably within a few days. You can count on it taking about 2-3 days.

Yes, we do it ourselves. We never take in any outside party.

We are a Muslim Funeral Agency so we do always follow the manners and rules that exist within Islam for funerals.

We do also use Sidr and Kaffour during the wash.

  1. We arrange all the documents with the respective authority. 
  2. A simple coffin (in case the family wants to bury with a coffin)
  3. Washing of the deceased.
  4. 3 stycken vita tygstycken för män, och 5 för kvinnor (Kaffan)
  5. Janaza prayer and burial of the deceased.
  6. Psychological support for the affected family.
  7. Order at the grave after the funeral has taken place.

In most cases, we bury without a coffin, but in some municipalities it is not allowed.

We do always follow the rules of Islam for the whole process of burial. This do also includes the washing.

The price for a funeral varies and depends on what choices you make. But our motto is always to try to be the cheapest.

We charge relatively little in fee compared to other funeral agencys.

The price can vary by a few thousand kronor, depending on whether the deceased is going to be buried with a coffin or not.


It's always free to ask us for a price!

Yes we do. 

We do also offer tombstones, death inventory and burials abroad.

Anyone of these can order a funeral. It could be a family member, a relative or a good friend.

The most important thing is that this person is over 18 years old.

It is the deceased bank account that pays the funeral costs. But if it should be the case that the money is not enough, it is possible to apply for financial assistance from the municipality.

Yes we do. All work that we do within the funeral is done according to the laws of Islam.

We are an Islamic Funeral Agency so we do always follow the manners and rules that exist within Islam for funerals.

How much a tombstone costs depends entirely on how you choose to design the stone. There are many models and different options. The price can therefore vary a lot and the tombstone can cost from around SEK 2,500 and up.

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