Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå

Welcome to Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå!

One of the most difficult experiences that a human being can have is losing a beloved one. We will all go through that, but it is in these situations you need help and support during these difficult times, and this is where our role comes in.

Planning a funeral

You can contact us to book a meeting. This meeting can take place either physically, or by phone, or video. You can also call us on 0722 – 819 819, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We are there you are

Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå is a nationwide funeral agency that works all over Sweden. This means that we can help you to arrange ceremonies in other parts of the country than the place there you live.


We help you there you are

We have a long experience in designing all types of personal funerals. Thanks to the fact that Muslimernas Begravningsbyrå works all over Sweden, can we help you to arrange ceremonies in places other than your hometown.